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Mellow Sandal Oreo
  • Mellow Sandal Oreo
  • Mellow Sandal Oreo
  • Mellow Sandal Oreo
  • Mellow Sandal Oreo
  • Mellow Sandal Oreo
  • Mellow Sandal Oreo

Mellow Sandal Oreo

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The Mellow sandals are a best seller. These stylish and super comfortable leather sandals have a padded insole and ultra light sole. Two upper crossed straps improve the grip and provide a perfect combination between subtle elegance and maximum comfort. Made with premium quality and sustainable leather. 

Designed by fashion designer Sang Min Park who, after working for several renowned fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and United Nude, decided to create her personal brand by merging contemporary aesthetics with comfort, empowering and giving confidence to those who wear her designs.



Comfort: These sandals adapt to your feet thanks to their ergonomic technology. Its diamond-shaped padded sole offers additional support to the arch of the foot, providing an experience of maximum comfort combined with a modern design.

High quality: It has an ultra light sole that makes the shoes so comfy.  Even though it’s lightweight, the impact of walking is absorbed and this guarantees a shoe that will last.

Sustainability: The leather that we use for our footwear has a tanning treatment that pollutes less than the usual tanning processes and achieves a much more breathable leather as a result. Our leather suppliers are certified by the Leather Working Group, the largest leather sustainability program in the world.

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