Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal
  • Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal
  • Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal
  • Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal
  • Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal
  • Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal
  • Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal

Magna Lite WR SG Mens Charcoal

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The Magna Lite Water Resistant Soft Ground is a supremely versatile hiker that keeps you fast and light on your feet – whatever the weather or terrain.

It’s weatherised for protection and durability in colder, wetter conditions, using recycled, animal-free materials – without adding weight or sacrificing breathability.


  • SOFT GROUND OUTSOLE - The Soft Ground Outsole has a 2.5mm base and 5mm lug height to maximise ground feel and offer strong grip on soft or slippery ground. Made from sticky rubber with an aggressive chevron lug traction to help you stay upright on wet, muddy terrain, with a textured arch providing zonal grip for technical trail movement.
  • ORTHOLITE INSOLE - The Active Ortholite Performance Insole is made of 98% recycled PU foam, which helps reduce waste and the use of virgin plastics.
  • THERMAL INSOLE - The Thermal Insole has built-in temperature-regulating technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat. This smart thermal layer responds to the naturally changing temperatures of your feet, keeping them warm or cooling them down.
  • ANIMAL-FREE - Made from materials that are free from animal products.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Made from materials that are water resistant and materials that are non-absorbent.
  • WEIGHT - Based on a single shoe in Women's size: EU 38 | UK 5 | US 7.5 - 250 g

The Magna Lite WR is for speedy hikers, fastpackers and adventure travellers, that’s equally wearable everyday, wherever your adventures take you.

Made for days when moving fast is the plan and connecting with nature is the goal, it brings reliable performance, even in unreliable weather.

The water-resistant upper, made with recycled materials, sits on a thin Soft Ground sole for traction even in slippery conditions. A sock-like knit construction offers a secure fit, while keeping out trail debris.


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