Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime
  • Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime
  • Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime
  • Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime
  • Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime
  • Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime
  • Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime

Magna Forest ESC Womens Obsidian/Lime

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The Magna Forest ESC is a fast, flexible, rugged hiking boot with all-terrain capability and excellent breathability. It’s built to thrive in the forest biome and beyond.

The Magna Forest ESC is the ‘fast hike’ version of the Tracker Forest ESC.


  • OUTDOOR ESC MICHELIN© OUTSOLE - The Outdoor Esc Michelin© Outsole has a 2.5mm base and 7mm lug height, engineered to maximise ground feel and traction. Made from high performance rubber with an aggressive off-trail lug design, this sole gives feet the strongest grip, even in the most challenging environments. When you’re climbing hills (or mountains), the articulated toe lugs act like claws, while the essential heel lug provides a critical break for steep descents.
  • ORTHOLITE INSOLE - The Active Ortholite Performance Insole is made of 98% recycled PU foam, which helps reduce waste and the use of virgin plastics.
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT - The Pro5 Puncture Resistant finish is a lightweight and flexible 0.8mm layer on the sole. Protective underfoot to keep painful bits out, but still letting all the feeling in.
  • WEIGHT - Based on a single shoe in Women's size: EU 38 | UK 5 | US 7.5 - 460 g

The Magna Forest ESC is for trekking, fast hiking, fastpacking and other wild expeditions. It’s optimised to thrive in the forest biome, but highly capable wherever you explore.

The zero-drop 2mm Michelin outsole, with aggressive 7mm lugs, grips even the slickest terrain. The Wild Hide leather upper is tough, and flexible, and offers naturally high waterproofing (when treated with leather balm). Excellent breathability also means the Magna Forest ESC dries considerably faster than boots with a waterproof membrane.


  • UPPER: Vamp (100% Wild Hide), Overlay (100% Synthetic Rubber), Collar Knit (55% RPET, 15% Elastane, 30% Wool)
  • LINING: Lining 1 (100% RPET), Lining 2 (100% Wild Hide)
  • HARDWARE: 95% Zinc, 5% Aluminum
  • LACES: 95% RPET, 5% Reflective Flecks
  • INSOLE: Blind Insole (100% Organic Cotton), Turned Insole Backer (100% Organic Cotton), Removable Ortholite Insole
  • OUTSOLE: Outdoor ESC Michelin Outsole (52% Synthetic Rubber, 48% Additives)
  • Made in Vietnam.


  • CLEANING: Brush off mud and clean with a damp cloth.
  • DRYING: Remove insole and dry at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid putting on a radiator.
  • AFTERCARE: We recommend using leather balsam to nourish the leather, restore the colour and finish and help prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. It's ideal to treat new footwear as it helps relax the new leather and make your footwear waterproof.


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