UNITED NUDE is an iconic brand of womens and mens shoes at the intersection of design and fashion. Architectural footwear known for clarity, elegance and innovation was launched with the Möbius shoe in 2003. Since then their recognised models Eamz, Loop and Fold, inspired by geometrical shapes, have become design classics.


'Clear conception, innovation and design, at the intersection of fashion and architecture.' The ‘broken-hearted’ love story of Rem D Koolhaas, nephew and namesake of architect Rem Koolhaas, will go down in shoemaking history for giving birth to the company behind some of today’s most forward-thinking footwear designs.

Established in 2003, together with Galahad Clark (a seventh-generation shoemaker), each UNITED NUDE product holds a strong connection to architectural design and represents an exploration of the possibilities offered by movement, colours and materials.

Commencing with its inaugural ‘Möbius’ shoe, the brand is guided in equal parts by pushing the boundaries of footwear design, and collaborating on innovative limited releases with high profile designers including IRIS VAN HERPEN, ZAHA HADID, and ISSEY MIYAKE.

The brand, based in Los Angeles, is sold in over 50 countries worldwide, with concept stores in Amsterdam, Dubai, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Taipei, Jakarta, and Beijing.

"We ended up breaking the rules of shoes, not for the sake of breaking them, but simply by not knowing them.”
- Rem D. Koolhaas